This is to remember one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball! To remember the thrills from the resurgence of “Showtime” that we all were witness to during the 80’s with Magic and Kareem, and how it made a glorious comeback with Kobe and Shaq. His legacy will remain with all basketball fans around the world as long as organized basketball exists! Kobe…. we are so sad that you are gone, yet we are thrilled and blessed to have seen one of the best, to have beheld the amazing plays that astounded even the best contemporaries on the court, then and now! You will always be at every game, because basketball would be nothing without you! Just a peach basket hanging on the side of a barn….. From our hearts… Thank You so much, Kobe, for bringing us 20 years of excitement, for the championships for the Laker organization, and for giving your all to us! We have been the luckiest fans of all to have had you on our team!

Kobe Bryant


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