Six Notch Road

The Joshua Trail Trilogy

Six Notch Road – The Joshua Trail Trilogy is a story told in the classic western style…. hardship, conflict, perseverance and redemption.

The story follows Eli Llynne, a hard working Welsh coal miner in Pennsylvania as he pursues the 3 Joshua brothers, who in a drunken, selfish and mindless moment took everything from Eli… everything he owned, and the one he loved… over wild seas and into the wild west of the gold fields of California. Eli had one thing on his mind…. justice for the 3 brothers that did him wrong!

The Colt Peacemaker became one of his best companions, and he learned the hard way how to use it. Six notches cut into the handle of that pistol… Read the stories and find out how they got there!

Lew Osteen is an award winning author (Joshua Trail Trilogy, Matthew’s Gospel, Beloved Vagabond, The Yellow Cotton Dress), an award winning playwright, and an award winning screenwriter. Six Notch Road is in pre-production as a feature film to be made soon.

The Joshua Trail Trilogy books can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, eBay, through Google search, and can be ordered from your local bookstore.

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