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Pursuit of voting

I sit here at my laptop and wonder what happened to the good in our country. I know we’ve always had disagreements and differing points of view since the Pilgrims first landed on North American soil. We had a horrendous civil war, and I… Continue Reading “Pursuit of voting”

Good Ole’ Briggs and stratton

I’m going to take a guess and say the year was probably 1966…. that would make me 8 years old in that photo. We lived in a small town called Yucaipa, in the foothills of the eastern San Bernardino mountains. It was a town,… Continue Reading “Good Ole’ Briggs and stratton”


I was brought up in a small town in Southern California, and my Mom made sure I went to church, and urged me over the years to participate, be a part of the “religious family”. I must admit that I learned a lot about… Continue Reading “Pand-ocolypse”


This is to remember one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball! To remember the thrills from the resurgence of “Showtime” that we all were witness to during the 80’s with Magic and Kareem, and how it made a glorious comeback… Continue Reading “Remembering….”

Crocker Art Museum… Sacramento, CA

In the 1868, a wealthy banker named Edwin Crocker bought land and existing buildings on Third and O streets in downtown Sacramento. In 1871 Crocker commissioned a local architect to redesign and remodel the buildings into what is now the stately mansion that included… Continue Reading “Crocker Art Museum… Sacramento, CA”

Musical Art….

The incredible musical talent of Steven Wilson