Crocker Art Museum… Sacramento, CA

In the 1868, a wealthy banker named Edwin Crocker bought land and existing buildings on Third and O streets in downtown Sacramento. In 1871 Crocker commissioned a local architect to redesign and remodel the buildings into what is now the stately mansion that included a gallery for the Crocker’s growing collection of fine artworks.

Edwin Crocker was a judge serving on the bench of the California Supreme Court, and his brother, Charles Crocker was one of the 4 railroad barons instrumental in bringing the railroad to the west coast. In 1885, Judge Crocker’s widow, Margaret, made good on the couple’s desire to create a public art museum when she presented the art gallery and it’s contents to the City of Sacramento and the California Museum Association. 

In 2002, the Crocker museum had commissioned a major expansion to the museum, and a beautiful new building was designed and built to accommodate the large and growing collection of art, and had opened in October, 2010. 

The Crocker mansion has undergone many renovations since it was opened 133 years ago, and it’s present state is worth the price of admission alone! To see the beautiful exterior architecture, the amazing tile, marble and wood floors, the grand staircases at the entry displaying the craft of marvelous woodworking and carving, stately lighting fixtures and statuary… to feel the history of the building… and realize it’s all the result of the grand philanthropy of the Crocker family that benefits those of us fortunate enough to visit the site.

The mansion houses an exquisite collection of vintage artworks from Europe, America and California…. some of the artists exhibited being: Édouard-Antoine Marsal, Charles Christian Nahl, Antonio Joli, Guido Cagnacci, Gerrit van Honthorst, Pierre-Auguste Renior, Edwin Deakon, Felice Ficherelli, and many more…. The mansion also includes a collection of ceramics and pottery, and 18th-century tableware, and an exhibit of fine Asian art.

On October 10, 2010 the Crocker opened it’s new addition, a modern, 125,000 square foot building adjacent to the mansion which houses African and Oceanic art, over 1,500 works on paper, master drawings, American photography and California prints, sculpture, craft media and Pop art.

In addition to all the richness of all the exhibits, the Teel Family Pavilion includes an education center with studio art classrooms, a library, student and community exhibition galleries, an auditorium and spaces for public events, movie screenings and special music events. For more information, check out the Crocker’s website at

The crocker Art Museum is at 216 O Street in Sacramento, California… just a couple blocks south of historic “Old Town” along the Sacramento river, which boasts fine riverfront dining, a festive Gold Rush era environment and shopping, and the new Golden 1 arena just a few blocks away.

Admission is $12 for adults, $8 for Seniors… Students and Military, $6 for youth ages 6-17… and every third Sunday of the month is Pay What You Wish Day sponsored by Western Health Advantage. Seize any opportunity you have to come and visit this Sacramento regional treasure! You will not be disappointed! 

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