Musical Art….

Exploring The Work of a Phenomenal Musical Artist


Steven Wilson
Porcupine Tree – Dead Wing



As a lover of music….. many different genres…. I have always loved searching through bins of Albums, and CD’s at the music store…. listening to demos at the listening stations…. always in search of something unique, something different…. something extraordinary. One day in 2008 I was at my local music store browsing through the rows of CD’s when a song came on the overhead speakers, and it caused me to pause and listen closely. I rushed to the cashier’s desk to inquire what it was they were playing on the sound system. The cashier went to the computer to look, and returned with the answer of…. “It’s a band called Porcupine Tree, and the song was named Glass Arm Shattering.” 

“Do you have the CD in stock?”, I asked in great anticipation. The clerk said yes, and lead me to the “P” section and pulled out the CD “Deadwing”. I bought the CD and couldn’t wait to pop the disc into my car’s CD player so I could listen to that incredible song I had heard in the store. I truly had no clue what I was about to discover! Starting with track 1, listening to one after another, I finally arrived at Glass Arm Shattering. I was already blown away by the weight and significance of the music I had already listened to. Now it was time for “the” song. It was dreamy….. progressive, ethereal, new and original! I couldn’t wait to read the insert booklet and find out more about this band, Porcupine Tree. 

When I got home I popped the CD in my player, pushed play and totally immersed myself in absolute headphone bliss…. hearing the spectrum of music that made me realize I was listening to something revolutionary and very significant! The layers of sounds, the complexities of the compositions, the crispness of the production and engineering. It is without any debate that this music I had discovered is one of the most significant contributions to the music world in the last 40 years! 

I began the search for more Porcupine Tree music…. more info on this incredible band. In my search I discovered the band was the work of Steven Wilson, a brilliant artist, musician, songwriter, producer and engineer! Steven has been involved with other Bands….… some of them being….. Opeth, Blackfield, King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull, Roxy Music, Storm Corrosion, and his own incredible Solo work. I began, in a frenzy of finding and purchasing as much of the Porcupine Tree, Steven’s Solo work, Blackfield, etc. music I could find. I was amazed at the amount of work and music that Steven has produced… more than any other artist I have ever encountered! 

To listen to Steven’s work is not just hearing music… instead it is more like taking a journey, being immersed in the energy and emotion of the sounds, melodies and stirring vocal harmonies. It is so much more than music! It is an Experience!

Thank you to Steven Wilson for producing such fantastic works of musical art for those of us that appreciate the work and dedication of such a talented musician. If you are a person that appreciates great music, and are willing to immerse yourself into an experience of this incredible music, then do not hesitate to find and purchase his work, strap on the headphones, and be prepared to be amazed!

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